e-Waste recycling singapore

Old electronic items may contain toxic materials and need to be discarded responsibly

Singapore smartphone recycling

There are e-Waste bins all over Singapore for us to discard our old electronics

e-waste recycling bins singapore

We have built a simple tool to help you find the nearest e-Waste bin from your location.

recycling bins locations singapore Singapore

Together, we can reduce environmental damage and conserve precious resources

NEA e-Waste bin

E-waste is electrical and electronic equipment of any kind that has been discarded. This includes practically anything powered by an electrical source such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. E-Waste may contain dangerous and toxic material and need to be recycled properly to prevent harm to the environment.

NEA (National Environment Agency) came up with an e-Waste recycling initiative. You can discard your unwanted electronic items in e-Waste recycling bins. We have created a tool for you to locate the nearest publicly accessible bin from your location. To access our tool, just click the button below.

If you have a working mobile phone and would like to sell it instead, we can come to your doorstep to collect your phone & give you cash. Click here to let us know

We are using information provided by NEA, Starhub and Singtel website. If you knew of an e-Waste bin that is not in our list, kindly contact us at contact@getfynd.com and we will update our list