MacBook and iMac Upgrades and Repairs

mac macbook imac upgrade repair singapore battery screen replacement memory upgrade
Battery and Screen Replacement, Disk and Memory Upgrades

Replace your MacBook battery, MacBook or iMac screen and other components quickly and affordably, with quality tested parts. Upgrade your memory and disk for even better performance and more storage.

mac macbook imac upgrade repair singapore not loading water damage
Mac not loading properly, not powering up, water damage repairs

Let our experts diagnose why your MacBook or iMac is not loading, and provide you a no-obligation quote. Be it not booting, not powering on at all or water had spilled on your MacBook or iMac, our team is able to diagnose it and in majority of cases, successfully fix it.

mac macbook imac upgrade repair singapore virus malware removal
Virus and Malware Removal

Do not allow your personal data to be compromised. If you notice your MacBook or iMac slowing down suddenly, give it a virus scan or call us for a full diagnostics test.

mac macbook imac upgrade repair singapore data recovery
Data Recovery

Your files are of critical importance and it is of top priority for us. Equipped with lab-level facilities & equipments, we can ensure quality data recovery.

Rest Easy With Our Trusted Experts

Fynd provides a hassle free repair and upgrade process with our convenient pickup and dropoff repair work flow. We are able to provide a price quote on the phone through 6681 5707 or via the form that you submit.

Our MacBook And iMac Repair And Upgrade Services

  • Replace or Upgrade SSD on MacBook
  • Replace or Upgrade SSD on iMac
  • Boot Camp and Parallels configuration
  • Motherboard Repair MacBook, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air
  • Screen Replacement
  • iTunes backup and restore
  • Replace or Upgrade Memory on MacBook
  • Replace or Upgrade Memory on iMac
  • Stuck at progress wheel cannot load successfully
  • Displays folder with question mark or “forbidden” sign
  • “Your computer has restarted because of a problem” error message
  • Service battery error message
  • Screen display distortion or lines
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Charging Issues
  • MacBook or iMac automatically shutting down or unable to power up


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